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Old 09-18-2019, 09:38 PM
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Default Saddle slot in bridge too narrow

I have a mid-to-late 1970s Matsumoku-made Aria PW-70, which is a nominal D35 copy with solid Sitka top and laminated Brazilian (!) rosewood back & sides, with a full vine inlay on the fretboard; it is what I consider my "beach/camping guitar", being the only one I own that I'm willing to risk under such circumstances.

The guitar has been re-fretted...not the best job I've seen, as the tangs vary in length as they hang over the neck binding; I had to go along the fret-ends and round them off & do some leveling with a file but overall I got it quite playable and the guitar sounds great. This poor guitar has also suffered from a gawd-awful attempt at re-finishing the top, a condition for which I have a plan, but my main question is this...

The BRW rosewood bridge has a way-narrower-than-standard saddle slot and I'd like to replace the warped plastic (or whatever it is) saddle; I'm vacillating between cutting a new saddle to fit that narrow slot, with gawd-only-knows what result, vis intonation (it's fine as it is now) or trying to widen the slot to a standard size.

If you were going to widen the saddle slot, how would you proceed? Or...should I simply shave a new saddle down to fit that skinny slot?
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Old 09-18-2019, 10:32 PM
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"intonation (it's fine as it is now)"

In that case IMO just thin the new saddle to fit.
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Old 09-19-2019, 07:56 AM
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What's the current saddle slot thickness?

If intonation is OK now, easiest not to mess with the slot.

Slots are routinely routed on the guitar. That requires a router guide jig.

Like this or a do-it-yourself copy:
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