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Old 10-11-2021, 11:28 AM
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this was the speaker that was originally in it..i believe its a jensen? the steel wharfedale speaker is being sold and removed...imma thinking it might be time to sell this amp as well to someone that will use it more...i rarely plug in anymore. but it has sentimental value of course so i dunno.
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Bob View Post
My Ampegs have accordion inputs and 'echo' knobs...
Originally Posted by ssstewart View Post dad who ran a vintage audio and repair shop bought this for me...he changed the caps, etc. and tubes - preamp and power...he had said it was 1963 and the motherboard was marked the same, but that may have been my dad's. This was my baby for the last 4 decades. Based upon the serial # I believe it puts it at '64 or '65?

The serial number inside the cabinet, as well as the 7591 power tubes (used in all the low-/mid-powered blue-check Ampegs - including my own '64 Rocket - from mid-1964 into 1966, when 7868 tubes were regularly substituted due to greater availability) indicated on the tube chart, date your amp to roughly Spring '65 - although certain components (which may or may not be original, given the modifications you describe) may in fact have been produced in 1963 and warehoused until their installation. While your dad was following a trend started in the mid/late-60's (Mesa/Boogie founder Randall Smith used to perform a similar mod, installing tweed Bassman running gear in a Princeton cabinet), it's kind of a shame the amp can no longer be returned to original electronic/structural/cosmetic specs - these were arguably the most versatile guitar amps (accordion inputs - which founder/CEO Everett Hull required on all his amps - notwithstanding) Ampeg ever produced, lending themselves to a broader variety of styles than either their contemporaries or successors - and if it was a matter of raw power, the B-12XT Portaflex could still be had for a reasonable price in the early-80's; a favorite of NYC-area keyboard players for its smooth and extended low end along with massive headroom, nicknamed the "Twin Killer" by the guitarists (myself included) fortunate enough to have played one, the -XT was uptown-classy where a blackface Twin could sometimes be brash, and had all the visceral impact of the mighty Dual Showman with the advantage of the lush Ampeg reverb. Rare and increasingly expensive now (both to own and to service), here's what one of these tone monsters looks like in the flesh:

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Originally Posted by 815C View Post
I'm really happy with my little Roland JC-55 2x8 amp. It's pretty small and light weight but sounds great. You can hear it in this video. I cranked up the mid-range and cranked down the high's and mid's.

Since my Roland amp is pretty old, when I go play a solo jazz guitar gig I bring my little $99 Line6 Spider III amp as a back up. It actually gives a surprisingly good jazz tone if EQ'd correctly.

That sounds really terrific, David! Great job on a challenging piece, too!

I found myself looking up used versions of the Roland JC-55 2x8 amp.

- Glenn
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