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Old 11-17-2018, 08:57 AM
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I played for about 3 years when I was 8-11 years old, then quit until I was 45. Picked it back up 3 years ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since.

I believe my dog thinks I am a world-class guitar virtuoso. He appreciates and enjoys my skills, even if nobody else does.
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Old 11-17-2018, 09:19 AM
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I started playing in the early 1960s. I first played before people at a small Folk Music Society gathering around 1964 and them went on to a bar band in 1966. By the mid-1970s I was playing with bands and backing singers while giving both group and individual lessons at a small artsy fartsy place week nights. Somewhere along the way it had stopped being fun so I put the guitars down around 1981 and stayed away for some 15 years. During that time folks kept trying to coax me out of my self imposed exile. I finally gave in and sat in with a singer. First thing I was surprised by was how quick it came back to me although I had to adapt the way I approached a guitar to the meet the requirements of my aging hands. Also remembering some of those songs could be a trial and tribulation. I found one of the keys, however, was to not accept pay so it did not again become a job although free food was always graciously accepted.
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Bukka White on playing his National

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Old 11-17-2018, 09:53 AM
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I've always loved musical instruments, and I had a fascination with guitars since I was a baby—first toy guitars and then my first real nylon-stringed acoustic in 7th grade. I was taking a guitar class in junior high, and I was pretty small so playing was uncomfortable. I couldn't play a proper C chord too well, and forget an F chord. But, I did learn notation and my rhythm was always good. I stopped for a while to pursue drumming in marching band (junior high and high school) and then at age 20 I dropped everything for synths and later, my first synthpop album (along with remixes and features) through a tiny underground label.

About 3.5 years ago, I was playing Rock Band with my niece and I was on the guitar part. Something struck me whilst playing 'Little Kids in America' and I decided right then to get a guitar again and really learn to play. So, I did just that. I got a cheap $99 Jameson thinline guitar from Amazon and played it for 3 years solid—with upgraded strings, a capo (first time using one), and I even upgraded the pickup myself. I got pretty decent with open chords and the capo let me change pitch to match my vocal range for a given song. I also used Ultimate Guitar Tabs on iPad to learn a bunch of songs, and had a little rig with a Shure SM-58s mic and a T.C. Helicon PlayAcoustic for the guitar and vox FX. This I find to be an extremely satisfying to keep me interested in guitar, because learning songs requires me to learn new chords.

I still can't do barre chords (my hands are small and I find it uncomfortable) and I can do a few licks, but I'm really happy playing open chords. I also found my pick size that I like for strumming, a Dunlop nylon .073 gauge, and my preferred strings (through trial and error) are D'Addario Phosphor Bronze lights (.012).

Anyway, I think I'm a player for life at this point. I've since upgraded the Jameson to a Martin 000XAE Custom and I love it, even with the 1.75" nut. I've tried many other guitars too, but nothing (so far, through my rig) sounds as good as the Martin.

Next I'll probably pick up an electric and a small amp or amp modeler. I'm also back to making synth music with Presonus Studio One 4 and various soft synths, but there's nothing like sitting down with a guitar and accompanying myself on vox.
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Old 11-17-2018, 07:55 PM
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I took lessons for about 8 months in 1978. I think I had the wrong teacher. I quit the lessons and tried to go it alone for a couple years, but gave up.

I came back to it about two years ago (after a 37 year break). Started fresh with a more appropriate instructor and am loving it now.
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