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Old 09-03-2016, 08:14 PM
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Here's an inexpensive, new, powerful lithium 12v (30ah) $197 (UPDATE: Actually $394)

CORRECTION!!! The above price is apparently a 50% deposit on the finished product, not yet available but supposed to be delivered soon. I misread the websites terms and hadn't noticed this detail before. It's not prominent and doesn't inspire much confidence.

BMS board is on-board.

MFG's response to my question:

"It is absolutely chargeable with standard 12V system, it has an integrated BMS. It is specifically designed for the tesla 12v system so the peak voltages and max amps on charge and discharged are ideal for those vehicles (and other EV applications).

Max recommended discharge would be 200A in pulses, 90A in a more sustained pulse and about 40A continuous.

For recharge we recommend keeping under 30-40A.

Thank you for your questions!!!"

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Old 09-03-2016, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by bflatsharp9 View Post
Hello again,

I'm in NYC and looking to buy an inverter to power my AER 60 amplifier (230v), the last time I tried a MSW 300w inverter there was a loud buzz, after reading more on this topic I wonder if the buzz was caused by the battery (12v 7a) perhaps I need a deep cycle battery?

I met a busker in Paris who was using a MSW inverter with a Lithium Ion battery to power his AER 60, it was the best light weight busking set up in ever seen but unfortunately I lost his email to ask him where he got the battery, I do remember him telling me is cost 300e, would be worth it considering I have a shoulder issue from schlepping heavy gear around.

Does anyone out there have experience using Lithium batteries ? Also can anyone suggest where I could pick up a good inverter while I'm in NYC ? (EU prices are much higher)

Bobby1note !?

Hi bflatsharp9, sorry I'm getting back to you so late,,, I haven't been dropping by in the last few months.

First off, I need a clarification; in your post, you mention that your Compact 60 is a 230v unit,,,, did you use the appropriate output-voltage inverter?(230v?)

My set-up includes two different inverters, depending on the application. The compact set-up uses a Xantrex MSW inverter, 12v DC-120AC, rated at 300w. The larger unit is also by Xantrex, and it's a 1500w MSW inverter; 12vDC- 120VAC output. I power either one of those with a 12v/115ah deep-cycle battery, and get zero buzzing, nor any other issues. I've used this set-up for roughly 7 years now (if not 8)

I use the smaller inverter when all I need is the Compact 60, and a mixer.(Soundcraft EFX-8), and for more ambitious set-ups, I use the 1500w inverter to power a pair of Yorkville NX55P's, an efx-8, and a few LED wash-lights. I've run the larger rig for up to 8 hours straight, with no signs of power-loss.
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Old 05-27-2018, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Blues View Post
I use the Little Miracle golf cart lithium battery's. They are 22amh. Very light weight and mine last hours with my AER Compact 60/3.
I use Maplins 300 watt inverter.

The little Miracle cost around 220.
There is also Ultra Max lithium battery same 22 amh. You can get that for 170 on amazon.
Hi, how did you manage to connect the battery to the inverter?
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Old 02-20-2019, 06:25 AM
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Default aer amp transformer

Ihave changed an aer 60/2 from 220 to 120 volt a few months ago just by pulling a wire the termina from the terminal on the xformer to another as the label suggests. But I purchased another used 60/2 that has a different transformer with no tabs on it but the wires come out of the xmitter soild. the xformer label is not clear on how to go from 220 to 120 volts output. The gray and brown wire are spliced together and the violet wire is open ended.. Help anyone?
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Old 02-20-2019, 07:16 AM
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As others have said, you have found the difference between using a modified sine wave inverter vs a pure sine wave inverter. MSW output is a square wave. PSW is just like the 60 Hz power from your home outlets. The difference is obvious using an oscilloscope. A square wave is missing all the odd order harmonics from the complete sine wave. You can't convert a square wave inverter output to a true 60 Hz 120 volt sine wave with any transformer or other circuitry. No battery is going to change the output of your MSW inverter. You need a PSW inverter.

My 200 W PSW inverter easily powers my Carvin AG300, rated at 250 watts when using an additional 3-way cabinet. This would be more than enough for your 60 W AER, and cost me less than $150 (about 1/10th what an AER Compact 60 runs). Unfortunately the 200 W Cotek appears to be discontinued now. There are other brands easily found on Google, but not having used them I can't make a specific recommendation.
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Old 02-20-2019, 02:51 PM
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I researched running my Loudbox Mini off of an inverter. Generators can be a problem.

Then low and behold Fishman came out with the Mini Charge, problem solved.
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