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Week 4…

Let’s stick with C major one more week, and look at some of the other patterns involved that should help you get a little more confident with the fretboard.

Last week, we looked at arpeggio patterns for the harmonized C major scale in a “1+2” fashion, meaning we started with the root of each arpeggio on one string, then moved to the next string and played the next 2 notes (example, C—8th fret 6th string, then E and G on the 5th string, 7th and 10th frets respectively)

This week, try the following:

1. Keep playing the 1+2’s

2. Check out 2+1’s…so 2 notes on the first string, then 1 on the next string adjacent. It’ll be a bit of a stretch for major chords…this will also get you pretty far up the neck in some spots…

3. Finally, work across groups of 3 strings. So CEG—8th fret 6th string, 7th fret 5th string, 5th fret 4th string.

Go through these as often as you can, again going through the whole scale. Again, singing the notes as you play is great—at least say them, but singing is maybe even better.

And again...once you can go forwards...go backwards.

Once you get these patterns under your fingers, we can talk more about the logic behind them and the intervals you’re looking at—but hopefully, you’re starting to recognize patterns…there’s only a few of them, really. And yes, they get “bumped” a fret when you get to that tricky G to B string interval…more on that later.

If there's any confusion, let me know, I can do more clarifying videos...
Jeff Matz, Jazz Guitar:
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Latecomer in joining this thread, here, but I’ll be following along with the discussion and trying to make a start. Thank you for the helpful fretboard breakdown!
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Another vote to keep going. I am going through the exercises at least once a day and try to get in more. Thanks for doing this!
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