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Default Buddy Miller

Man, I am almost embarrassed to own up to this. OK, I am embarrassed. After knowing about Buddy for quite a few years in terms of his collaborations with various artists (check out the YT "Three Girls and their Buddy") and the accolades given him as perhaps THE producer of Americana for a while, I recently decided to delve into his own catalog. I even saw him and Julie some years ago. More on that below.

Oh my. NOW I get it. Not the first parade I've been late to, and surely not the last but for the last few weeks I've been listening to, playing and generally immersing myself in his music. What a writer, what a guitarist, what a voice (!!). His song "One Step, Two Step" is now in my material files for my guitar students, what a fun tune!

Some years ago (about 2012 maybe?) Buddy and Julie were the openers for one of Lyle Lovett's tours, with his Small Band that included Sam Bush on mandolin. I've seen Lyle more than a dozen times and he remains my favorite Texas singer/songwriter. The show was at the Cape Cod Melody Tent where I've seen Lyle so many times. The unfortunate reality of that venue (along with its slowly rotating stage so all the attendees can see him and the band straight-on in this theater-in-the-round venue, which can be really frustrating to both performers and the audience!) is that any opening act gets very little notice from the crowd. Maybe because it's a tourist venue to a greater or lesser degree, people arriving for the featured act arrive while the opener is in their set, talking loudly between themselves and generally showing little or no respect for the openers.

All I knew was here was a somewhat bedraggled looking couple with one acoustic guitar singing songs I had no knowledge of or interest in. I was polite enough to not converse during their set and did my best to find something compelling in it, but I was there for Lyle, **** it!

Later on when Buddy showed up on "Raising Sand" and was the guitarist with Patty Griffin's band for quite a few years I took notice of him more and more and liked what I heard very much.

So my recent deep dive into his solo work and also his albums with Julie (his wife and a fine writer and singer) has been an absolute epiphany. And the production values on the recordings are downright amazing, using stereo separation in ways I haven't heard since the 60s and 70s.

OK, if you've stuck with me this long, a couple questions and observations. Looking at his website it appears he hasn't released a solo recording since 2018 (?) and even his work with others seems to have dwindled down to almost nothing and no tour dates are listed on his site. Does anyone know why this is? Or have any info on upcoming recordings or a tour? I sure hope he's OK.....

Here's an observation. As a guitar instructor for the the last 4+ decades I'm always on the lookout for good material for my students. I spend a LOT of time in lesson prep and one way to shorten the time required is that I copy and paste lyrics as the start point for charting out songs. But in Buddy's case, it is almost impossible to find his song lyrics in any of the usual places. I am aware that doing it this way is likely a violation of some copyright law. If it matters at all, I ALWAYS pay for songs I download via iTunes and Amazon Music to my personal collections. But I wonder why finding his lyrics is so difficult.

So I do it the way we used to back in the Dark Ages: I listen to the song repeatedly and write down the lyrics as I hear them. And therein lies the problem. I've never been very good at deciphering lyrics in songs, which is now compounded by my degenerating hearing. So - if anyone has a copy of the lyrics to the Buddy Miller/Jim Lauderdale song "That's Not Even Why I Love You" I would sincerely appreciate a copy. Using a PM is fine and my thanks in advance!

Next on my Buddy Miller quest is his cover of Tom T. Hall's "That's How I got to Memphis" which I've heard my friend the amazing Ericson Holt play and sing many times in bars in Key West.

Any info on Buddy is also sincerely appreciated. He is the Real Deal in the world of country music with lyrics that are from the heart.

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Any info on Buddy is also sincerely appreciated. He is the Real Deal in the world of country music with lyrics that are from the heart.


Buddy Miller hosts a weekly radio show with Jim Lauderdale on SiriusXMís Outlaw Country Channel 60. Great music, stories and guests. One of my favorites to listen to.
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