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Old 09-04-2013, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Joseph Hanna View Post
Suggesting one shoot for input levels of -6 dBfs is crazy. Industry standard (although it fluctuates depending of delivery specs) is -10 dBfs peak, which is actually up from the old standard of -20 dBfs. You already exceeded most delivery spec's at that point. You also run the risk (as many here have mentioned) of crossing the 0 dBfs war line. Further you've boxed yourself in a corner (by leaving only 4 dBfs of headroom). Digital eq's by their very nature clip easily, even if there's no additive eq applied. So now you've got to manage what has become a volatile track that at an angels breath is gonna distort and with zero room to fix. Recording it again (as you have suggested) is often not possible and offers no pragmatic gains even if succesful. I know of no professional engineer (and I work with many of them) that would ever suggest to a hobbiest they tempt faith with the 0 dBfs line. The digital scale is a completely different beast than an analog scale and it "reports" an entirely different story, both sonically and level wise. You seem to be talking as if they're the same thing. They're not.
Whoa! There's a big difference between record and mix/delivery levels. As I read your comment above, it seems to grey that line. one can always pull tracks down in a mix if by some stretch of the imagination the require that much additive EQ. I see no cause for alarm if peaks hit -6dB occasionally.


Ty Ford
Old 09-04-2013, 08:37 AM
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"I see no cause for alarm if peaks hit -6dB occasionally."

Alarm? Really?!!!



Wowsers! What daring it must take to post that. I think I see four guys on horseback coming towards this thread.

OK, I finally get it. This whole thing has been the equivalent of the neurotic, vegan, overly protective parent who outfits their child in so much protective gear they look like the Michelin man's mini-me with extra padding to protect them from all the "Bad Things" that could possibly befall them, if the sky begins to fall or they actually try to walk onto the playground to have some fun, and the grandparent who thinks it's best to let kids get banged up a bit to teach them what not to do again but to have some fun with it all.

Experiment!!! It's how you'll learn things. Unless you're playing with bombs or venomous snakes, you'll never get anywhere always playing it safe.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
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Originally Posted by JanVigne View Post
I think I see four guys on horseback coming towards this thread.
No. It's just one Moderator who can't believe that some can't discuss something as innocuous as recording mics without resorting to hyperbole and innuendo after being given a pretty clear reminder to play nice....
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