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Old 05-10-2014, 02:38 PM
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Default AKG vs Mojave Audio

Looking to add another condenser microphone to the collection. I currently use and LOVE my AKG C214, however it's not ideal when I have an impromptu jam session when the friends come over. With that being said, I need another condenser microphone but with selectable polar patterns. I've narrowed my search down to the following microphones -

Mojave Audio 301

Looking for the mic that's great at recording instruments more so than vocals. I would primarily using the mic to record acoustic, however it would be nice set it up for an electric amp as well. I'm using a Zoom H4N and no pre-amp; as simple and amateur a setup as you can get.

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I have no direct experience with either mic, but I've done a lot of work with the AKG 414, bigger brother of the 214, and a bunch of other AKG mics and my company has a pair of Mojave 201fets that I have used as overheads on drum kits. I can give you my own experiences. The Mojave 201fet was designed by David Royer and is a very, very smooth, sweet mic. It is a cardioid large diaphragm condenser. The 301 is a development of that mic with multi-pattern selection added via dual-diaphragm design. The AKG 214 is designed to be an less expensive, cardioid-only version of the 414. The 414 is a dual-diaphragm design and the 214 is a single-diaphragm design. The 414 is a very smooth, flat mic, that might be described as a very literal mic.

Someone on the board may have a 214 and may be able to comment further. Both companies are well respected. Which is best? Check the quote in my sig.

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I think I can add something to this, at least on the AKG side.

I wanted a multi-pattern LDC to try some mid-side setups and had became enamored of a friend's C414B ULS (an older, 80's, version of the C414 XLII...the ULS has 4 patterns, the newer ones up to 9) but couldn't afford one so I went to a local studio and auditioned an Advanced Audio CM414. I loved it and ended up buying a matched stereo pair.

I took both of them over to my friend's place and we recorded either of the AA CM414s with the AKG together, as close to coincident as we could get them (the AKG upside down on the AA with the capsules as close as they can get) and then compared the spectrums and the AA was almost a doppelganger of the AKG (but the AA has a bit more presence in the high end). This was true for both the cardioid and figure 8 patterns but we didn't compare the omni after those two. I have to admit that after hearing the two of them together and A/B switching between them, I found the older 414 a bit "muddy" (though I think this may be diaphragm fatigue on a 30 year-old mic?).

The AKG is a lovely mic but there are cheaper alternatives out there. I'm quite confident in recommending the Advanced Audio CM414 as one of those alternatives!

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Originally Posted by FuzzFriendly View Post
I assume you mean the AKG 414 XLII - the 214 is cardioid only and has only the one version.

I love the AKG 414's and use them a ton for recording, but there are a bunch if versions of them and the XLII is not my favorite. The newer 414's like the XLII have an overly hyped high end response which I'm not a fan of.

My favorite version of the mic is the 414BULS, which you can find used on eBay for $500-$600. It's much warmer and to me more natural sounding than the newer models, and I love it. I have a pair and use them constantly.

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