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Old 05-25-2020, 01:20 AM
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^ Agreed.

I prefer the slight increase of presence/high end/less muffled tone of no pu covers. There is the potential down side if you attack the strings of the high E getting caught in a bobbin...especially on the neck of a tele. However I have my pu lowered to slightly above the pick guard and it has never been an issue on both HB's and SC's. Another thing you can do is to cut off the top part of a cover but leaves the sides (have to remove the cover, mod and replace) as to protect the bobbin windings from getting caught in a string. The first time you pull the cover off can be a bit nerve racking especially wax potted that you may have to slightly warm up to get them to release. Also some you have to de-solder while being careful not to break/destroy the winding. But its a simple straight forward process...just take your time. Btw, then you can also get into modding/changing out the magnets and adjusting the poles.
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Old 05-25-2020, 11:24 AM
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Back in the mid-70's was the first time I heard something about getting more high end and stronger response from humbuckers with the covers removed...

In the early 80's, I had a bunch of work done to my 1974 Gibson ES-345; one of the mods we did was to replace the stock pickups with Seymour Duncans, a JB for the bridge and a PAF '59 for the 'board. The Duncans did not come with covers, and I had the tech leave them off of the new pickups. I really liked (and still do!) the tone from those Duncans and never gave much thought to putting the original covers back on them...

For a decade or so, I saved all those parts that were changed out on that Gibson; somewhere in around the millenium, I lost track of the box that held ALL the original parts I had changed on the guitar... and now it's lost "out there" somewhere unknown to me... sigh...

As for the pickguard? I don't like 'em; took it off both my Gibson ES-345 and my ES-175. I never rest my hand on them and I like the look of the instruments better without that hunk o' black plastic! To me, the guitars look much more "balanced" without the pickguards...

(after learning my lessons with that ES-345, I have been smart enough to actually SAVE that pickguard from the 175! When I sell it, I can put it back on easily enough...)
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