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Originally Posted by DesertTwang View Post
Congrats on your first book! I really like the idea you put behind this. I just think I'd be more inclined to get this book if it did include the chord names, for no other reason that I'm only now starting out to learn the logic of the fretboard after playing guitar for too long and not seeing the forest for the trees.

This book seems like a bunch of more trees (if beautiful ones!) without the forest, and I'm hesitating because it may confuse me more than anything, since I'm trying to get away from the purely visual, shape-based approach to understanding what notes and intervals I'm actually playing and why.

One thing that I find shocking is that it's apparently possible to finger as many as 400 chords with open strings. I would have never guessed that's possible unless one were to combine literally each note with every note in various combinations, the majority of which wouldn't sound good to begin with.

So that's an eye opener for me right there.

Would you consider releasing another version of this book with the chord names included?

Your post is very interesting since I thought wether to put the names of the chords or not.I decided no because of this but I might be totally wrong.

I explain why in the first page:

The book does not include chord names because I want you to
see them as chord forms instead of a fixed, invariable chords and you experiment to found
new sounds that you like and that you consider interesting.If you discover a new chord and
want to know the name of it and don’t have enough music theory knowledge you can always
use a free tool like for example[/B]

The intention is to force you to experiment with each shape without thinking about the chord name.

I think of it like when you are experimenting with a new tuning, you come up with chords that you don't know by playing familiar chord forms here and there.

Oh, and there are much more than 400 chords with open strings, I don't know how many but there must be thousands!

I really appreciate your feedback, I'll really think about putting the chord names.
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