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Default Finger-style video lessons

Does anyone have any recommendations for online finger-style lessons?

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Originally Posted by started with 1 View Post
Does anyone have any recommendations for online finger-style lessons?

Try Truefire. They may have some beginner videos.

Personally I think you might do better with a couple of books. Mark Hanson has two Travis picking books that many people initially learned finger style from (myself included). The reasoning behind this is that to learn finger style, you'll be doing the same 8 to 10 measures over and over again until your fingers fall off. You'll get pretty darn good after just a couple of Mark Hanson's tunes in his first book.

The whole secret to learning finger style is to go in slow motion, be relentless and do the finger picking patterns over and over and over again. A video isn't designed for that. Books are.

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TrueFire has a lot to sift through and most lessons seem to be geared toward electric guitar. Having said that, Iím a member there and have found exceptional lessons by Muriel Anderson and Tommy Emmanuel.

I also recommend the Mark Hanson books that TBMan suggests - I picked up those first in my guitar playing journey and I got a solid foundation in Travis picking skills that still serve me today.

These days Iím less interested in perfecting technique and more interested in learning songs. I highly recommend Jerryís Guitar Bar if you want to learn fingerstyle songs, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s era, and very well done. I have probably 30 of his lessons.
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Iím another TrueFire fan. Learned Clawhammer banjo from Kathy Finks lessons there and I have Muriel Andersonís lessons to expand on the fingerstyle Iím learning from my guitar teacher.
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Old 01-27-2019, 12:51 PM
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Mark Hansonís two fingerstyle books are the best and IME fingerstyle DVDís from sources like Homespun and Truefire serve to reinforce or compliment what you learn from those two books. Iím engaged in the last song of Art of Solo Fingerstyle (Strawberry Curl) and think back to the great journey over the last 3-4 years both of those books have been. Thereís other fingerstyle material Iíve taken on in that time due to the foundations those books gave me.
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Another TrueFire user. Iím mostly a blues player, just started learning fingerstyle a few months ago (after several aborted attempts over 40 years of playing), and wanted to focus on bluesthere too. David Hamburger has a series of fingerstyle blues courses on TrueFire that start with bite size steady bass (staying on one string for bass, rather than alternating thumb), work through more extended steady bass pieces, and then moves into alternating thimb pieces. After just a few months, Iím playing a few pieces now that I couldnít have imagined playing last summer.,,

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