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Old 05-16-2018, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by BluesKing777 View Post
If you are playing solo, you can use any mic you like if you use in-ear monitors or headphones and turn any foldback speaker(s) off.
Practicing at home like this, my Neumann KM185 condenser is a great sounding mic but picks up everything. (breathing, shirt noises, chair noises, people!). I canít imagine being a mouse for a whole gig.... Which is probably why people use Shure 57/58 live!

Solid truth here. Condensers are great but every EVERY little noise is picked up. IN the winter when my furnace would kick on in the other room it would pick it up. Your are 100%, dynamics rule with this. And Skip, gotta' tell you, you dont "ruin" a guitar by putting a p/u in it. There is a hole where the strap button goes, so it gets a little bigger, so what? The ( LR Baggs) that I use attaches inside with double sided tape. You dont want it? peel it off, no one sees it. I just did five of my guitars,Martins, Takamines, and classic cant-get-no-more Alvarez/Yairi's with Baggs. We bought them to play them.
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Old 05-16-2018, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Stringmaster View Post
What would be any potential advantages of a Bose type system or acoustic amp be vs a small PA if using condenser micís? Especially given that many current PA systems are quite portable. Like the OP Iím considering a mic only setup as I donít want to install pickups in my vintage guitars.
Some people put a Bose-style stick PA behind them (generally off to the side) and use it as main + monitor all in one. I imagine using a condenser mic will reduce the volume level at which that will work.
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Old 05-16-2018, 09:21 PM
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I just ordered an Ear Trumpet Edwina condenser mike for vocals, to be used with a Fishman SA220 stick amp (I have been using a Shure SM58 like everybody else). Ear Trumpet says the vocal sweet spot for that mike is six inches away (assuming the guitar has its own mike or pickup, which should mean (I hope) that I can keep the gain low enough that feedback will not be a problem. The guitar will be coming through an Edwina-trained Tonedexter, and so far I have had no feedback problems with that. I may have to tweak that SA220 in terms of position but I hope the setup will perform. I also have one of those little Bernenger monitors which I have on a stand behind the mike and over the mixer, but it's level is pretty low because it is so close.

And I also think we are way past the point in thinking of guitars as having lost their virginity when they have a pickup installed. With all of the sophisticated pre-amps available now (especially the Tonedexter) I don't think there is any reason not to install one. You can even use the little 1/8th inch "vintage" endpin connectors if you don't want to alter the endpin hole. If you have a pre-war guitar, I can promise you that it has gone through a lot more in its life than a little git of superglue, IMHO.
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Old 05-17-2018, 07:46 AM
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Did anyone try to mic a guitar through the new Bose S1?
Also... Is it worth to spend more on a mic if your going to use it on recordings also?

I want to try mic'ing before trying to install any pickup.
Something like sm57/81 through something like a headway edb-2 preamp/di with phantom power and notch filter.
No need to expend loads of money installing several pickups in different guitars. Just buy one mic (or 2)
I play solo instrumentals seated anyway.

The tonedexter does improve the fidelity, but the trade off seems to be a muffled sound.
Most of the guitarrists I like get great sound mic'ing their guitars.
I would rather spend less on a more plug'n'play pickup like trance amulet, baggs anthem/m80, than pickup + tonedexter. I think.

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