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Default Star Wars IV nerd question

Is Captain Antilles mentioned as the pilot of the Tantive IV in the very beginning of the movie when Luke is cleaning the droids, is that the same Wedge Antilles that becomes a rebellion pilot and makes a cameo in the new movie?
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No, well at least according to a published short story.

From a Certain Point of View is an anthology of short stories, one of which is entitled Raymus. This short story tells of the capture and boarding of the Tantive IV from the perspective of its Captain, Raymus Antilles.

This story makes it clear that Captain Antilles was the character that Vader interrogates, chokes and kills in the opening scene of Episode IV. Antilles claims that the Tantive is on a diplomatic mission.... Vader asks, “If this is a consular’s ship, then where is the ambassador?” before killing the Captain.

This story is viewed as cannon by Disney. Whether you accept it as cannon is up to you.
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Captain Antilles:

Wedge Antilles:
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