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Old 06-01-2006, 09:35 AM
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Default The instigator responds.....

Yikes! I didn't mean to trigger this!

I should explain: I started playing 35 years ago. Never could afford lessons. Ended up like many of us playing "rhythm" guitar. Was always stuck in various bands playing rhythm. I have two budding trombonists in our house and they've embarrassed me into trying, once again, to read music, understand theory, and play lead. I don't do self-taught books very well.

Many of you have been able to play with someone else who could show you how to play licks like Django/Pass/Wes/Hendrix/Zepplin/Hedges. I've never been so fortunate.

I agree about ear training. I can identify many of the "easier" chord structures. Forget about b7b9 etc. And I also agree that it's usually reprehensable to play a solo "note for note". Those performances are unique and should be seen as such. I have no desire to copy anyone. I'm me!

I wanted to tackle something from the Hellecasters (Son Becomes Father) because my son asked me to and it's loaded with technical things I've heard for 30+ years but don't understand how. Like harmonic tapping. Amazing arpeggios. Controlled feedback.

The biggest problem is fingering. Too many places to choose the same note value. If I could see where the stupid lead line goes it would teach me how to improvise myself. I can hear (and play) some of it but the 2 and 3 octave jumps just confuse me. Make sense?

I'd look for an instructor but am busy paying for two private instructors for my trombonists right now and the well is dry.

So....I try to do this myself. Again. And look for tools that would help me understand this most wonderful gift, music. And the tool of choice: guitar.
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  The Acoustic Guitar Forum > General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion > Show and Tell

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