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Originally Posted by JParrilla View Post
Im looking at the new DR-05x and DR-07x. The only difference is that the 05 has 2 omnidirectional mics in a fixed position. The 07 has 2 unidirectional mics that can be put in variable X/Y or A/B configurations.

Would the unidirectional make more sense to get sound direct from the sound hole vs getting a lot of ambient noise?

No…at this level of recorders (the around $100 level), you are going for capturing practice and not studio quality reproduction.

The best place to point a recorder/mic towards is not the soundhole, but the neck/body joint from about a foot away.

By the way, I know guys (videographers) who use a Zoom H1n on a monopod for doing capture for outdoor sounds (nature & sound effects) for use in their video production. They can capture great quality.

The beauty of these small recorders is you can set them on a desk or table aimed at the area where the body joins the neck, or below the bridge, and they will sound really good.

I do sometimes mount mine on a tripod for 'careful' aiming. But if I want better quality recordings, I move to my Zoom H4n.

I own every thing from a Zoom H1n, all the way up through my MOTU-M2 interface and serious high end mics. The H1n gets used casually the most. Then the H4n (with XLR for video interviews), then the MOTU rig on my iMac for serious (and multi-track) recording.

Despite the fact I've owned professional 8 channel interfaces to work with computers, I've never lost the use/need for a personal small quick-capture recorder.

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I use a Shure MV-88 plugged into the lightening port of my iPhone. Stereo. It sounds good. Around $150. Comes with an app. Unfortunately it's IOS compatible only.
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