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Old 07-08-2020, 04:11 AM
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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post
I've tried all the available CF nylon string guitars, there is only one left untried--the Journey.
Evan, have you checked out the Savoy with nylon strings? Could Kramster lend you one for experiments?

The nylon Savoy is a little like a heelless NP12 with a thinner neck profile, ergonomic body, and more of an "organic" sound.

The nylon Savoy may not be what you are looking for, but I would be very interested in what you think about that set up, plus, I think you would enjoy testing out the possibilities of eKoa nylons.
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Old 07-08-2020, 08:44 AM
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Evan, I know you prefer lighter guitars but I have to recommend giving the Yamaha nylon Transacoustic a test drive the next time you're at a guitar store. In my short stent of venturing into nylon if I had to pull the trigger it would've been that one. Another bonus is they're priced just right IMO.
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Old 07-08-2020, 09:27 AM
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Strumalot; You have several times mentioned the Savoy as a nylon strung guitar. I have always been fond of Joe's work and owned three of his nylon string instruments. I would like the Savoy more if it had the El Capitan headstock--which is probably doable. I could live with the nut width since it matches the Rainsong Parlor that I learned to live with. What holds me back is the notion that a face designed for steel strings is not going to have the sensitivity of a face designed for nylon. Joe made 5 Super OM nylons based on the steel string build, I had one, and while it was nice, it did give me what I want in the way of projection. Joe may one day make an Ekoa nylon string instrument, and that would be a real temptation.

GuitarLuva; I've always been impressed with Yamaha guitars. I have not tried the Transacoustic primarily because I have sworn off wooden instruments while awaiting the CF guitar of my dreams.
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