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Old 02-15-2020, 01:47 PM
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Default Rainsong WS 1000 String advice

I have one of these I bought new in 2002. I always preferred bright sounding guitars, and I liked this one until my hearing changed over the last couple of years.

I recently bought a Rainsong SMH (a "Smokey", I think they're called). It sounds much better to my damaged, hearing-aided ears. Most seem to think they are a warmer sounding model because they are 12 fret and a hybrid CF, I believe. Anyway, I like it better and will be selling my WS 1000.

Here's the question: since I have no idea what a buyer might want tonally, what strings would you recommend to bring out the best in this guitar? If I were keeping it, I'd choose something to warm it up, but the goal is to please a potential buyer.

I've always used coated light gauge, mostly D'Addario EXP 16s. Long lasting, in case the sale takes a while. Monels also last well, but most find them warmer.

Any ideas?


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Old 02-15-2020, 02:53 PM
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String up the WS1000 with Elixer Nanoweb Light-gauge Phosphor Bronze strings like the ones that RainSong generally put on their guitars.
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I also have a Smokey SMH. I have 3 Rainsongs, but that's the one I always use for gigs, especially outdoors. Has a great "WHOOMP" to it.

For quite a while now, I've used GHS "Silk and (Phosphor) Bronze" in the "Medium Light" thickness (same as standard "Lights" in most steel acoustic strings (12-54). On this guitar, anyway, they seem to have just as much power as all metal, but they have closer to a traditional "wood guitar" sound, plus are easier on the elderly fretting hand. I now have them on all 3 of my Rainsongs.

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