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Originally Posted by Taylorneil View Post
I am not being flippant when I say the reason I took up finger style was because a) I love what some players can achieve and I want to get near it and b) all the cats in the neighbourhood were howling a my singing, so I figured I’d forget the voice thing!
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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
You're not alone, I can kill a bird at 50 feet with my "do re mi",
Wow!! And I thought no one else had this skill...guess we need to meet up and have a competition lol whoever gets 10 on the ground first wins[emoji16]
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Default Fingerstyle Lessons

I began the guitar over the internet, fingerstyle, from Denny Zager at Denny is a professional instructor, his son Dennis is a computer guy, and they got together and started one of the earliest sites and when I did my research it seemed to be the best at the time.

Denny has a unique notation system that shows you where to put each finger on the fretting hand and what string and finger to use with the right hand. It is amazing.

Denny has a library of various songs rated at difficulty levels from one to five. You start with the easy ones and progress up the ladder. Each lesson is a song. As you learn you also develop your ear to recognize the sound of various chords and notes. Your hands also learn various “moves”.

Denny stresses using a capo and most songs have you use a capo on frets to match the sound and playability. Putting a capo on widens the fretboard and shortens the scale making it easier.

Denny also stresses using a metronome to learn timing and to help develop your skills. I am amazed at how much the metronome aids me in developing muscle memory.

He has video lessons on lots of subjects that are very helpful. The end goal of his training is to develop the ability to play by ear. You end up learning so many chords and finger moves that eventually you can play just about anything.

I did his lessons religiously and learned all of his songs. He gave me a wonderful foundation. Fingerstyle is now “natural” to me and I can barely strum. His method is excellent and the lessons are very affordable.

I never excelled at the “play by ear part”. I have tried training programs that play various chords and have you try to recognize them and I have great difficulty telling one from another.

After exhausting Denny’s library I moved on to:

Jorge Nolla is a classical guy with a huge collection of arrangements. He sells songs one at a time. You can buy just music (combined with tabs) or lessons where he shows the fingering, etc in a video and has a midi file of the song that can be played at slower speeds. Classical fingering is different than what Denny does. Denny uses the left thumb on the low E string and he uses the side of the left index finger to catch the high E string, things classical guys don’t do.

I love Mr. Nolla’s arrangements and he will keep me busy for years to come.

I don’t think that I ever could have picked up fingerstyle without Denny Zager’s lessons. His notation system makes it so incredibly easy and simple. I haven’t found anything else that compares. If Jorge Nolla’s arrangements were written with Denny’s notation system it would be ideal.

I am now branching out and am in a “jam” group trying to pick up strumming.

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