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Old 01-22-2020, 01:11 PM
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Repetition is the mother of skill... Practice makes perfect...and my favorite, Perfect makes perfect! You are building muscle memory, i.e your fingers will develop a brain of their own and you'll be able to play with little, if any, conscious thought. If you can play the song say 10 times back-to-back with no mistakes, then that's session musician standard.

+1 on Jeff's suggestion of working on more than one song at a time. 3 songs , IMO, is manageable for most mortals.
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Originally Posted by DWKitt View Post
I found Steve Stine's instruction very helpful:
Very nice lesson!

Originally Posted by JonPR View Post
Why, was that the name of your previous girlfriend?
No, probably still be together if it was?
Kidding of course.
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Wish you were here is a great choice.

My instructor showed me how to "slide" the solos instead of bend them. That was a revelation.

Then, when I was a little better at this, he tabbed out the second and third solos in the "live unplugged" version with the cellist:

I really liked that. It took the song to another level into beginning-intermediate territory. Or later beginning. Or something like that.
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