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Old 10-12-2015, 10:07 AM
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Default K&K installation tip- happy accident

This weekend I installed probably my 10th K&K Pure Western Mini pickup system. It's been my go-to pickup for almost 10 years, and I have them in all my guitars. I finally got around to putting one in my travel guitar (Voyage Air OM-4).

I typically install the sensors in the recommended fashion: "high" sensor beneath the saddle at the E string, "mid" sensor beneath the saddle between the D and G strings, and "low" sensor beneath the saddle between the E and A strings. Only this time I made a mistake...

When I was installing the "mid" sensor, I accidentally tugged the cable while putting the jig into the guitar. The sensor slid on the ball of putty, moving the placement away from the saddle and towards the soundhole. I didn't realize my mistake until the jig was removed, and the sensor was solidly glued in place. Fortunately this guitar has a wide bridgeplate, so the pickup was still on solid ground. The other two sensors are in the usual place. So it looks a little odd, but I figured I would test it out before resorting to removing and replacing the mid sensor.

So the result- I like it a lot better than the usual placement position. My only complaint with the K&K system is that the lower midrange is very strong for my liking, and I usually have to cut a fair amount of low mid EQ to get a tone I like. With the mid sensor moved away from the saddle, the sound is much more balanced, and I need far less EQ.

So- for those of you who prefer less midrange with your K&K pickups, consider moving the mid sensor away from the saddle. The results are quite pleasing.

I'll post a picture of the placement when I get a chance.

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Old 10-12-2015, 11:18 AM
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I pretty much did the same thing on a GA8 install. I read somewhere the position of the middle pickup was less critical than the ones at the bass and treble position, so I decided to leave it, instead of trying to 'fix' the mistake.

Plugged it in, and it sounded just fine. Didn't see any need to maybe screw something up by trying to remove that misplaced sensor.

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