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Process is a moving target. Currently you have a fledgling grasp of creating melodies with a guitar, and a spirit for the creative word and phrase. It's a good start and process can be a lady in waiting, at the moment, if the patience to acquire the playing skills is permitted.

I began writing soon after reaching a certain skill level I had set for myself. The goal wasn't so much to play a certain instrumental, which was a named goal, but the knowledge that once I had achieved proficiency at playing that piece I'd have a pretty well developed set of motor skills, aural knowledge of the fret board and the ear training essential to guiding my hands through melodies I had in my head.

I think creativity is a function of what I call a plateau where the ears, hands and fret board knowledge have harmonized for the purpose of making music. That's when I'd apply writing process because most of the playing stumbling is a thing of the past.

Process for writing comes in a couple flavors, mutually valid, and wholly predicated on the mood of the moment. I write lyrics and melodies wholly aloof of a songwriting focus. There was a time when I'd concentrate on writing a song and the result was a song that sounded like I concentrated on writing it - mission accomplished with creases sharp and salute snappy. Make sense?

So, I began writing melodies my inner ear heard and I'd keep them safe in my head. Once done, they would either become instrumentals or music to put under lyrics. When the mood struck and I'd have a subject to say something about, I'd put it to words. That's when writing 101 comes into play; collegiate creative writing where the outline leads the process: Know your audience and write for them, etc., etc.

All that stuff said, my best work has been to arrange another persons lyrics. I think Elton John would not have made the who's-who in the music business without Bernie Taupin's lyrics. But, then there's Jim Croce who was the penultimate word smith of his time and a great player. So, looping back, process is not necessarily a hard and fast rule but rather a thought that one should guard against sanctioning it as the only thought-methodology. Creativity is a fleeting visitor and she doesn't tolerate much regimentation.
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  The Acoustic Guitar Forum > General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion > PLAY and Write

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