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Old 02-12-2019, 11:03 AM
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Default Boss Acoustic Singer Pro & Mic Mechanic

EDIT: Found a series of reviews on the Boss amp below and having second thoughts on it. People having negative opinions regarding the vocal harmony (which I would use for work tapes), the overall volume being less than expected and there is no bluetooth? Hmmm...


Am considering buying a Boss Acoustic Singer Pro and a stand and have it sit right beside me, serving as monitor, and to give more volume to overall sound from a Fishman SA220 serving as PA. The Acoustic Singer Pro has a channel for voice and also one for guitar and eq and reverb, echo, effects, etc. for each. So, a mixer within reach. Also has a looper and vocal harmony. I don't know if I will use either of the latter live, especially vocal harmony. I might try the looper, am not opposed to looping. I will def use the vocal harmony for recording work tapes.

I suppose the unit is supposed to sweeten your vocal even if you don't use harmony.

The Mic Mechanic is often mentioned as good gear. It seems the Boss unit and the Mic Mechanic do similar things? The Mic Mechanic also has pitch control. I dunno if I would use that, don't really have a bad problem with pitch but I guess I'm open to keeping it somewhat flat.

Question is, is there any benefit to having the Mic Mechanic with the Boss amp?

Always looking to get great live sound for small gigs. If it's just one voice, one guitar, especially. Good sound helps.

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Old 02-12-2019, 02:28 PM
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There are a number of good YouTube videos of the Boss Acoustic Singer Pro, and I haven’t seen one that doesn’t consider the vocal harmony feature to be a big plus. I bought mine a month or so ago, and it works really well with both my Taylors for a great acoustic sound, too.
My youngest son is an excellent guitarist, and very discriminating (picky) about sound, and loves using the vocal harmony. You can adjust the volume of the vocal harmony, along with selecting a low, doubled, or upper harmony, and control it via a footswitch. It can take a little getting used to hearing your voice plus harmonies. Currently I have my mic volume set at 10:00, and vocal harmony at 11:00. That’s with the amp master volume at 9:00 while practicing at home.
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Old 02-12-2019, 07:22 PM
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Another +1 here for the Boss Acoustic Singer Pro.
Recently used it for a local semi-indoor market for a 2hr session.
Positive reviews from the stall holders and the public. Plenty loud enough for the location without going past the 12 o'clock position on the master volume knob.
I've yet to use the harmony feature live, but that's only due to lack of practice with it at home. I need to go through all of my songs at some point and see which harmony feature to use with each one(high, unison or low). Each song is different, and certain harmonies will only work with certain songs.
The looper is just an added bonus feature that will probably never get used outside of the practice room. Hats off to anyone who uses it proficiently!!
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