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Old 09-16-2023, 12:51 PM
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Default Carbon Fiber Nylon String Gutiars - Higher Tuning (Up-Tuning)

TLDR Version:
I tuned each string a full tone up on my Emerald X20 Nylon. Volume increased (in a very good way), and there seemed to be a bit more clarity in the notes. Maybe try it out on your nylon carbon fiber guitar if you have one and let me know your results? It was awesome for me.
Long Version:
I was inspired by a YouTube video to try tuning my guitars up/down, as they can respond differently (sometimes better, sometimes worse) at different tensions. It doesn't do much good for playing with others (imagine telling everyone to tune down 35 cents), but as a solo player, it doesn't matter much right?
I know there are limits to what you can do with regards to increasing tension, especially on wood classical guitars. However I have a intuition that our carbon fiber instruments aren't going to have an issue with + or - a full tone. I suspect the nylon strings would be the weak link, not the guitar. So I tried it out on my X20.
I went up, to see how it'd affect volume, and I sure am glad I did. The increased tension helped with volume, and seems to add a perceived clarity (admittedly this could simply be a side effect of increased volume). I cranked each string up a whole tone, thinking the strings could handle that, but I'm unsure how much more I could safely crank them up, nor how much more tension my left hand could take either.
I'd love to hear what other people's experiences are on down/up-tuning their carbon fiber nylon string guitars. Maybe try it out if you haven't, and share your experience?
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  The Acoustic Guitar Forum > General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion > Carbon Fiber

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