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Old 09-17-2023, 07:49 AM
Captain Jim Captain Jim is offline
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I went for nearly a week without playing my new Virtuo. Not from lack of desire - it was packed in the cargo trailer with the bikes (my Honda CTX, Joan's Yamaha Xmax) for the haul from the Black Hills in western South Dakota back home to the Tropical Tip of Texas. Along the way, temperatures ranged from the 50s and rain, to the last day where the temp got into the upper 90s and high humidity.

Once back home and the cargo trailer unloaded, I got the Virtuo out of the case and sat down to play for my wife and our big furry boy...

Yep, it was still mostly in tune - a small tweak on the high e-string. This guitar is a delight.

We've started the final packing up process for our move to Arizona... yesterday, I removed ll the guitar hangers from my music room. (sigh)
Some CF, some wood.
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Old 09-17-2023, 09:08 AM
dgaemc2 dgaemc2 is offline
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Great picture Jim and glad you are back "home"?

The Virtuo is an excellent guitar! I love it's versatility.
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Old 09-17-2023, 10:00 AM
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I am in a mixed relationship with my new x30-12. On the plus side when it plays clean it sounds glorious and the looks are fantastic. Also as I had hoped the neck and tuning stability are rock solid and the ergonomics and weight for a jumbo 12 are great.

On the minus side I am finding it quite difficult to play clean and working to find tunes that go well on it. It is also my first 12 string so part of it is 12 string learning.

But another part is the setup for sure. I have not found good guidelines on what the string spacing setup should be.

I also purchased a set of slightly lighter gauge strings that I will try to see if they make my playing cleaner / less buzzy. I have confirmed the nut is not ideal by using a capo on the 1st fret with much better results.
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  The Acoustic Guitar Forum > General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion > Carbon Fiber

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