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Old 02-17-2019, 06:40 AM
philphlash philphlash is offline
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Default Bridge Replacement 1952 Martin 5-18 Terz

Could any of you experts ballpark a replacement bridge (Mine Split) on a 1952 Martin 5-18 terz guitar.
Removing old bridge
Fabricating new bridge
Gluing New bridge
New Saddle and setup
Much Thanks in Advance
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Old 02-17-2019, 09:49 AM
JonWint JonWint is offline
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I'm not an expert, but an expert might be able to repair the bridge rather than replace it.

Post a photo if you want an informed recommendation.
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Old 02-18-2019, 05:25 AM
B. Howard B. Howard is offline
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Repairing the bridge if at all possible would be best from a preservation standpoint as well as value after the repair. A replacement bridge will likely affect the value a fair bit.

There may be damage inside to the bridge plate from the string balls that caused the bridge to split as this is a common cause so repairs may be a bit more extensive than you think.

Price for the services you have listed will also depend on the material used for the new bridge. in standard IRW something like this would cost around $250 here. If you want BRW as the original probably is the cost may double....

Then there is the issue of neck angle. You may well find that the neck needs re-set to actually fit a new bridge of the correct thickness with the correct saddle height above it.

In reality this will most likely turn out to be a lot more than just the bridge replacement and going worst case scenario where we need to replace the bridge plate, repair the top between the plate and the bridge, neck re-set , a level crown and polish of the frets and a new bone nut you would be looking at closer to $1000.
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Old 02-18-2019, 05:35 AM
nickv6 nickv6 is offline
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I've known three terz guitars needing bridge repairs.
The cause can be the top crowning, putting alot of stress on the bridge which is covering a larger portion of the soundboard than on a bigger guitar.
So it's worth taking a careful look at the top too.
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