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Old 06-13-2012, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by napman View Post
Hi rmd321,

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your clip here.

Very nice in deed. I found myself smiling while listening to it.

I'm sure I can learn something or even a lot from your clip.
Hi Napman; thank you for the compliment. I like your attitude - that we can all learn from one another. Listen & learn is my motto!

Originally Posted by Bob1131 View Post
Hello rmd321 and welcome to the discussion! I enjoyed your song, very nice playing and singing.

I agree that the vocal is a little too loud. I think that is the result of doubling and panning the vocals. I have found that each of a doubled vocal needs to be 5dB lower that a single vocal to sound the same volume. Multiple sounds are not level or linear, meaning that two sources each at 80dB will produce a total volume of somewhere around 88dB (there is a formula to calculate the result but I forget what it is) rather than 80dB (level) or 160dB (linear accumulation). So, when we record two vocals and pan them they have more volume than one would be at center.
Thanks Bob. Most of the playing was from my two talented & generous co-workers. I played only the bass & one acoustic rhythm guitar, plus the "singing".

Thanks for the information on relative non-linear volumes. I maintain a file of hints and tweaks; it's constantly growing, and I'll add your review to it!
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Old 06-15-2012, 11:22 AM
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I ordered the acoustic-electric bass from Dean (natural) for less than the cheaper black color. It should arrive Monday.


having gotten the basics of the DP 004 down, I am having a ball trying out leads (I have been playing alone for 5 years now) and even using some light slide leads to back up my weak vocals!

I am using the harmonica which makes my bullmastiff, Clancy, sing aloud (yes, it gets recorded) which makes my wife and kids cheer! This is really a lot of fun so Monday I will begin to add bass lines to the acoustic blues.

After hearing the backing vocals on this thread, next week or so, I am going to try John Sebastian's "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice" with just the 4 tracks, and maybe an acoustic version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" having fun with learning to play lead.

I am no longer certain about banjo after a few samples of playing the 6 string banjo: nothing sounded nice, but hollow. I will first tackle the bass and then give consideration to learning the banjo or mandolin. We have a ukulele that can be added to the mix.

This thread is very inspiring!

I wonder if I will eventually want 8 tracks! The Tascam DVD has taken away the fear factor for me as a non-technical.

Thank you to all those who have posted their song samples here...great work!
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