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Old 09-01-2023, 09:12 PM
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Default Condensers vs Dynamic II

Here are a couple of cleaned up mic comparisons. (different demo tune too)

This time the condenser mics are lower, even with the top of the guitar and at about 12" from the guitar and about 15" apart. The dynamics are about 6" apart and approximately 4" from the guitar. The left dynamic is pointed towards the fretboard and the right mic is pointed towards the area between the sound hole and the bridge. The condenser mics are pointed straight towards the plane of the guitar.

The condensers really seem to boost the trebles. I used the same amount of natural nails on both, give or take human error.

Dynamic (SM57):

Condensers (WA-14 & WA 47jr):


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Old 09-03-2023, 09:43 AM
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Both of these samples sound better than the first round to me. I still hear some slight phase problems between the two condensers but its a lot better than the first round.

Overall I prefer the condensers by a mile. Much more realistic picture of the guitar.

Give the ORTF technique a try with those. You'll find that they don't need to be that widely spaced to give a good stereo image of the guitar. I know you have two different models of mics - just make sure they are level matched as closely as possible.

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