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Old 06-10-2018, 08:54 AM
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Default NUGD+NUAMD = Gibson & Katana combo

I went in to my local guy last Sunday to try a 72 Tele thinline mexi or Squire and was playing the Mexi. It was nice but it didn’t quite click with me through a blues jr (which is my home amp).

The owner comes in who wasn’t supposed to be working... and says hey, you would’t be interested in a used nice Custom Shop ES339 in honeyburst would ya? Just got it from the guy I sold it to. I’m just looking to move it for what I have into it before I send it to (XYZ) if you’re interested.

So he brings it in and it is dead mint. He sold originally to a guy who was older and needed to move some gear. Im not sure how he got it in 2009 -when I thought only GC had them? But He is a long time bigger Gibson dealer tho, so who knows. Anyway, the 57 classic humbuckers were sweet and nicely playable. Thinkin’ hmm... I LIKE this guitar! The set up and intonation were good and looked cool. I had always wanted an ES335 but this won me over with a smaller size and especially I thought It will always be played on a couch or chiar at home and that would be good for a 55 yr old shoulder. It also remined me of my dad’s 67 old ES330 in appearance. The Honey burst is kind of sweet and orangey unique and I simply dig it. So the guitar found the player once again and you never know. The price was the clincher “steal of a local, longtime customer on a Sunday Im sending it out to move deal”!!

But that’s not all.

I was in another local shop early in the week and heard a known area player trying his newly installed pickups in a Fender. And the tech says “try it in that Boss”. It was a Boss Katana 50 and the tones it had were impressive from his jazz playing to Layla to Slipknot. I loaned my little Boss cube to Dad and know you can get a variety of sound but the quality and switchable wattage really hooked me. But it is Sunday late afternoon now. That local chain wasnt open. So after the Gibson buy, I went down the street to the GC and asked the shredder, manager dude I talk to, about his thoughts on the Katana. He was all over it and demo’d the Katana 100 (4ch.) for me because I’m really a primarily an acoustic player. This guy was Eddie VH and Stevie RV incarnate and ripped t up in all genres. I took it (the 50) home $219 without ever plugging in myself it’s that good!

The combo has been fun. I have since learned, read, watched what the Boss tone studio does. I had no idea “beyond the knobs” what this Katanta 50 can be customized to do! But so far, some classic 57 humbuckers with a memphis 339 circuit clean tone and a little reverb, sounds incredible to this acoustic player efforts and ears.

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Congrats on the new gear!

Like your dad, I have a '67 Gibson. Mine is a 335. Your new guitar looks sweet. I've never played through a Katana but it seems very popular on the net.

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Great looking guitar! Congratulations. Enjoy it, and the Katana.

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Congratulations on your new gear!
Looks nice!
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