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Old 07-16-2021, 06:41 PM
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Default Price difference between McPherson CF series

This is coming from somebody who is completely ignorant to the CF guitars, but is probably going to pull the trigger on one next week.

I went to my local guitar shop in Springfield MO and played a CF McPherson Sable blackout edition (around 3.5k), and then played a solid wood McPherson for about 8,000 dollars more. Call me crazy, but as someone who exclusively plays fingerstyle, the carbon fiber better suit my fingers and I would have preferred it’s sound if I was blindfolded.

My question is to those who are familiar with McPherson’s impeccable build practices. I’ve always heard that carbon fiber is more expensive than most tonewoods, but why such a substantial price difference in McPherson’s case? Are the tonewood guitars built with more precision? I’m assuming the carbon fiber ones are more “conveyer belt” built and less hand work. Anybody care to add some expertise on this?

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Old 07-16-2021, 08:02 PM
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With a builder like McPherson, the woods are not the most expensive cost involved - it would be all that hand labor. As I understand, their CF construction uses injection molding on the back and sides, and pre impregnated carbon fiber sheets for the top. While there will still be plenty of labor involved, it should be much less than their wood guitars. That said, compared to their wood guitars, McPherson's CF models seem to be a real bargain... but don't tell them that!
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Old 07-17-2021, 07:30 AM
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Hey Deputy289 - I’m also a fingerstyle player and although I haven’t played any of the McPherson solid wood offerings (my wallet is thankful), the Sable produces the best overall tone for me that I’ve experienced from any guitar, including a bunch of wood offerings. And although I agree that these are a bargain compared to what they charge for their wood guitars, the Sable is priced approximately in line with the highest end Emeralds and RainSongs.

I don’t know what the street prices of the Sables are in other stores, but I definitely received a decent discount off of the list price from my favorite local shop in Wheaton, MD.
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Old 07-17-2021, 07:51 AM
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If they were priced the same as their wooden guitars, do you think they’d ever sell any?

They are currently competitive with Rainsong and Emerald, which I’m sure is quite deliberate.
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