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Old 12-06-2017, 05:56 PM
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Default Cordoba parlor guitars?

Does anybody have one or have played one? I have a Córdoba C10 crossover with the 1.80’’ nut and radiused fretboard. Was wondering what the neck felt like on the Parlor? Cordova’s spec sheet says just C-shape with 50mm nut and no radius. My c10 crossover is a 48mm nut with with the parlor at 50mm And I think a classical is 52mm?

So what is this like for someone to play that doesn’t want the widest of nuts and a large U-shaped neck? Would I notice very much the no radius, and is this 50 close enough to a 1 7/8’’ that I wouldn’t be all that bothered by it? The reviews on it by people on YouTube seemed to all like it and it’s a nice looking little thing. I’m looking for a couch guitar that’s smaller than my C10 which is a normal classical guitar body size. Used to have a classical guitar and the neck was always pretty hard for me to reach around, especially barre chords. I am not a classical guitar player, and would rate my ability of playing anything else and it advanced amateur

To anybody able to offer any help, thanks in advance
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Old 12-07-2017, 07:55 AM
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I have the C9 parlor which I think differs from the C10 parlor by being mahogany back and sides vs. rosewood. I am very much a beginner guitarist. I use the C9 and follow some starting classical lessons as an alternative to finger picking a steel string guitar... while still working on LH dexterity and coordination.

the C10 sounds like the better choice for a non classical player to be honest. the parlor version at 7/8 classical is very similar in size to a steel strung parlor.
I can see the conundrum because you can't foresee the results of choosing a crossover over a parlor until you've had the guitar for a while and got used to it.
as for noticing differences... they're certainly there and noticeable but these nylon string guitars have a lovely sound of their own... I can adjust.

what to choose? given I think the C10 is probably a better fit for a steel/nylon player. I would look for a short scale 12 fret parlor (O) sized with a 1 7/8 nut steel string.
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Old 12-07-2017, 01:24 PM
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I have a C10 parlor and find it to be quite comfortable. I am a beginning player so take my observations with that in mind.

I have very short stubby fingers and don't have any issues whatsoever with the 50mm nut width. The 630 scale is very comfortable (comparable to my Eastman E20p).

I am very impressed with the sound both richness and volume of sound produced. Very nice deep base and clear ringing treble with very good balance. The sustain is also excellent. Of course your choice of strings will have a huge impact in these respects.
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