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Old 11-01-2017, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Cocobolo Kid View Post
I use the Presonus Studio One Pro software and it has great sound quality, flexibility, stability and ease of use.
To clarify a bit, generally speaking, DAW's do not have, "Sound" per se. And at least among the major name commercial DAW's , it is arguably everything else in the chain that contributes to the quality of sound .

The endless debate about the possible audio engine and pan law difference, not withstanding ......In every null test I have read about or personally heard , Different DAW,s themselves (sans any plugins etc.) , cancel. Meaning there is no audible difference.
Everything else you mentioned are certainly valid considerations.
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Thanks to everyone for your responses. It seems (admittedly from a small sample size) like Focusrite is the most used around here. I have to say that I've been leaning more towards the Focusrite Clarett 4 Pre and the Scarlett 18i8.

Anyone have experience with both or enough familiarity with Focusrite to tell me the difference between the two (apart from being usb and thunderbolt interfaces)? Any advantage to the Scarlett 18i20, apart from more inputs?

Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
Vintage King has it up on their site. It's priced at $895 but it looks like good value for that money as it's a lot more than just an interface.
Jim, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Certainly looks like a great unit (although, probably more than I would ever use). I'm gonna do a bit more research on this one!

Originally Posted by Mbroady View Post
You mention "I haven't been super impressed with the results so far"
Are you not happy with the flexibility you have or the sound quality you are getting?

Any of the interfaces you mention would be a step up but, working on some basic room treatment (absorption and/or diffusion) would go a long way to improved recordings. This can get expensive but should not be an afterthought.
Matthew, I should have clarified. Not happy with the flexibility (and overall performance) of the R8. Apart from limiting me to 2 inputs at a time, I've found that the auto punch-in/punch-out feature when recording directly to the unit isn't quite as seamless as I would like. When I use it as an interface, I get the same sort of issue (much better than the unit alone and I'm sure the vast majority of people wouldn't notice, but it bugs me to no end). I had a friend--who I know to be very good with computer recording--try to help me with this, and he seemed to think the lag time was just too great. Not sure if it's the unit itself, running it on USB bus power, or the computer (although, I can't imagine that's the case - newer iMac, 8gb ram, 500gb hard drive w/ over 50% free).

Sound quality is good enough for my purposes. Certainly great for a $300 unit I snagged for $200. I've done a bit of room treatment, although it could use a bit more. That's coming soon!

Originally Posted by MikeBmusic View Post
Another one for your list: The Tascam US16X08
Mike, thanks for presenting another option - I'll be sure to take a look at that one!

Originally Posted by Cocobolo Kid View Post
I use the Presonus Studio One Pro software and it has great sound quality, flexibility, stability and ease of use.
John, it does look like a very straightforward and intuitive DAW. I'd be interested in giving it a test drive, but I think that will only happen if I end up going the PreSonus route with Artist included in with the interface. Thanks for your input.

BTW, I love your Baranik build - most beautiful set of Cocobolo I've ever seen.
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Not sure if you asked about a DAW, but I have been quite happy so far with Acoustic Mixcraft. I had 7 pro and upgraded to 8 Pro recently and it's very easy to use. I have also used Reaper and it is a little less user friendly, but not too bad.

Again, I think the Scarlett 18i8 does everything I could ask of it and the recordings are good (aside from my playing and singing , so I don't see me upgrading just yet.

The biggest challenge for me right now is mixing and getting a food result. My music never gets mixed right but I'm hopeful to one day become at least consistent.

In my abode, there are lots of guitars, lots of banjos and mandolins too. There's even a bass guitar and dulcimer sitting there, so I can make music for you!
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