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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
Beautiful, Kyle. Nice, soulful vox and great pickin' on the guitar.

I love the transition from the picking to the strumming. There's a lot of power in that section and it's a nice payoff and I think it's worth repeating, or augmenting with additional lyrics of the same vein to make it last a little longer.
Thanks, Jeremy! I'm definitely open to adding to the song, especially in that part you mentioned.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Originally Posted by noledog View Post
I may be mistaken but I recall these opening lyrics in a pm you sent me and I thought that they may come from your missionary heart Kyle. Nevertheless, well done my broham as I posted on your YTC.


You remember well, Eric. I did send a portion of these lyrics in a message a while back. I don't really have them tied to any specific event/season in my life, but my time in Papua New Guinea certainly weaves a thread through most everything. Thanks for the comment on YT as well. Cheers!

Originally Posted by Mr Fixit eh View Post
Nice melody and lyrics, Kyle. I like the "everyday trials and everyday grace" theme. Really love the way you modulate the intensity and fingerstyle/strum - really makes the song sing. I'm with Jeremy, I think a 3rd verse before the bridge about more everyday trials would really flesh it out.

Great job.

I'm impressed with your willingness to 'put it all out there' and be vulnerable.

Thanks a bunch, Steve. Yeah, I definitely feel a little more vulnerable with some of these originals I'm sharing, but the feedback is worth it to help me along the songwriting journey. Much better than not being true to myself, for sure. Still love doing the covers, though. Glad you enjoyed this one, though.

Thanks for watching!

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