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Default I'm looking for an OM under $1,500

I知 looking for a good quality OM body guitar. I知 looking to spend less than $1500, and I知 hoping the guitar has a solid body with some bling; if the guitar is nice sounding I知 willing to look at guitars with laminate back and sides.

If I had the money I壇 buy the Takamine ef75, but that guitar sells for $3k + used. I also like the sound of Martin痴 OM28, but that guitar is just too plain looking for me. I don稚 mind if the bling is wood or abalone based, as long as the guitar has some nice decorative details. I知 also fine with sunburst guitars. Here are some of the guitars that I知 looking at and I知 hoping ya値l could help me expand the list. Thank you in advance.

Crafter TM 035
Crafter LX T-2000e (I知 not sure of the price but I知 guessing it will be less than $1500)
Cort Gold 08 (sunburst)
Gopherwood k910RE
Sigma SOMR-45
Sigma S000R-41 Limited
Takamine Limited 2020 (peace)
Yamaha LL16D Black
Yamaha CPX1200ii.
Crafter ML Rose 30th Anniv.
Crafter Twin Bird Anniv.

Yamaha NTX1200 & NTX700
Yamaha NCX1200
Takamine EC132SC
Cordoba GK Studio Negra
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