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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
Yeah, that's why context is important. A Stones recording is a whole different thing than a solo fingerstyle guitar instrumental, like Bob is asking about. Typical fingerstyle guitar has more in common with classical recording. I say typical because there are some fingerstyle players who are more like bands where various "low-fi" or extra expansive techniques make sense, but I think what Bob's trying to achieve is what you hear from the majority of fingerstyle players these days - a somewhat accurate replication of a good sounding acoustic guitar, which is very different from rock bands who are trying to create new textures and sounds.
Doug is spot on. I’ve reached a point in my journey with the guitar where my playing is starting to sound musical to others and myself. As I put in the time and effort (and joy) to learn new songs, I want to put down a good recording of it to keep for myself and to share with others before I move on. The solo fingerstylist does have the advantage that our recording work flow can be relatively simple if you have decent talent, a great guitar to work with, and a modest investment in hardware and software. I feel very privileged to receive advice from players like Doug, Wrighty, TBman, KevWind, Rick-Slo, and many others to get to a point where I am having some success and consistency in my recording efforts. This is such a great community to be a part of, I hope I can give back as much as I have received.
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