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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post

Of if you have one or two really soft good notes you can make them pop by bumping them up.
Using automation to say, just bring up just the tiny sliding sound between two notes, or maybe an unintended pinch harmonic, etc, in a track that is sparse is probably one of my favorite things in all of recording.
Yes, volume automation is one of the great things about modern DAWs. It's easy to zoom in down to to the note or even part of a note and change its volume or envelope. Easy to go down a rabbit hole there "re-pedaling" an entire performance, but gee it's nice when one's best performance still has one or two things that need a fix or there's an accidental note or dynamics effect that adds something.

I tend to use volume automation before compression on a lot of things. Certainly vocals. Sometimes guitar parts. MIDI parts are even more tempting as you change so much after performance. Sometimes with orchestral parts I feel like a very demanding conductor.
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