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Originally Posted by FrankHudson View Post
It's not a solo guitar instrumental (which Doug Young was discussing) but as to an example of a compressed/limited "bad sound" making for an emotionally compelling recording I'd point to "Street Fighting Man" by the Rolling Stones where Keith Richards was insisting that his acoustic guitar should go through a cheapo portable cassette recorder preamp with its crude auto-level control.
Yeah, that's why context is important. A Stones recording is a whole different thing than a solo fingerstyle guitar instrumental, like Bob is asking about. Typical fingerstyle guitar has more in common with classical recording. I say typical because there are some fingerstyle players who are more like bands where various "low-fi" or extra expansive techniques make sense, but I think what Bob's trying to achieve is what you hear from the majority of fingerstyle players these days - a somewhat accurate replication of a good sounding acoustic guitar, which is very different from rock bands who are trying to create new textures and sounds.
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