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Originally Posted by SprintBob View Post
You all seem to be in pursuit of a recording that requires little to no post processing because the front end is done with care, skill, passion, and commitment to a really good signal chain (great mics, good room, good mic pre).
Well, it's mostly because that's what I find works. I've never had much luck fixing a bad recording with post-processing, at least not to the point that I'm truly happy with it.

I just "fixed" a really terrible recording for someone - a video demo done in a noisy, lively room, probably with phone. But all I could do was take it from unusable to pretty mediocre. There are always improvements one can make, but what I've observed over the years is that the really good recordings (speaking just of solo guitar here) weren't created by studio tricks. You can do things, a little EQ, a little compression, add some reverb, but it all works best if the raw recording sounds pretty good to start with.

The good news is that for solo instrumental guitar, a good quality recording chain isn't that hard to come by or that expensive (all relative...). Room acoustics are most people's biggest challenges, but even that is a lot simpler than for those recording more complex music. With close micing, many people's home environments work out fine for solo guitar.
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