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Originally Posted by FormerFoodie View Post
I think this is going to be one hell of a holiday gift for yourself!

I don't know what it is about the aesthetics of varnish finishes, but I love them!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure this axe will be worth the wait!!!!!

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
Hope you are having FUN even while waiting!!

Sure is cute! Yum, varnish....


When we decided to go ahead with the varnish, Nick warned me it would prolong the build, but I decided the wait would be worth the result. Part of the fun is the anticipation, speaking with Nick about set-backs, solutions and progress. We often end up digressing which is equally interesting.
In the meantime, to sustain my resolve, a quote from Søren Kierkegaard :
“Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”

Also, I have my Franklin Dread to play, so there's that...
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