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Originally Posted by mhw48 View Post
The distinction between "drying" and "curing" is an interesting one. Both lacquer and varnish "dry" as well as "cure". As you point out, the processes are different for each. Lacquer "drys" through the evaporation of solvents, and will continue to "cure" over at least the next month as the finish continues to "off-gas" the remnants of the solvent. Oil Varnish dries through a chemical reaction -- precipitated by UV. Nick has a UV box into which he places the guitar for 12 hours to dry between coats. Although dry to the touch, the varnish will continue to cure for several months. In both cases the finish hardens as it continues to cure.
Iím not sure you and Bob are agreeing here. Heís saying drying is a physical process (evaporation of solvents) and curing is a chemical process (not related to solvents). It sounds like youíre saying solvents are evaporating in both cases. I actually know little about finish chemistry.
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