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Originally Posted by JohnnySmash View Post
What is standard tuning for a Tenor Guitar?
Fifths, like a mandola (or viola), CGDA is considered "standard"

Originally Posted by JohnnySmash View Post
What is Irish tuning for a Tenor Guitar.
Also fifths but like a mandolin (or violin), GDAE (though many now consider "Irish" tuning to be GDAD)

Originally Posted by JohnnySmash View Post
I plan very soon to purchase a Tenor Guitar and I want to sort out these different tunings in my head first. I have a Tenor Ukulele tuned G C E A and a Baritone Ukulele tuned D G B E. With my old brain, or whatever is in my head it gets confussing with all of these different tunings.
You might be most at home with "Chicago" or standard "guitar" tuning, DGBE like your Baritone Uke.

Note that all of these tunings require string gauges to suit the tuning and the usual 23" scale length of the guitar. A quick search for "tenor guitar strings" will point you at the most common gauges. Hope this helps...

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