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Originally Posted by Steve DeRosa View Post
I don't care much for the acoustic sound - creamy-sweet upper register, but unbalanced fizzy lows to my ears - but you're 100% right about the amplified tone:
Thank you Steve...that guitar (especially in the hands of Tim Lerch) sounds wonderful. Big fan of the tone of the Charlie Christian style single coil pickups.

One side note...the attachment method in this case is a little like finger nails on a chalk board for me. I know historically, the CC style p/u mounts to the top similar to Tim's ERO (e.g. Barney Kessel's custom ES350) but on such a beautiful guitar as the ERO...I wish TK Smith would have devised a less invasive pickup mount.

My guess is that a sound hole mounted humbucker would sound even warmer and dare I say, more "acoustic".
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