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Originally Posted by Alistair Hay View Post
Well it seems like you guys got the scoop early. Somehow the Virtuo went live on the builder a day early and someone picked up on it just before us.

Watch my launch video tonight and you'll get some further info on the Virtuo but Im happy to fill you guys in a little early as you have all been great supporters on this platform.

The Virtuo is something I have been developing for the past 18 months and was actually the birth place of much of the innovation that has already been put out on other models such as the adjustable saddles and the slim body X10 design. in a way the Virtuo is the prequel and the X10 slim was the Sequel but we tend to do things out of order in Emerald land.

The X10 Slim is aimed at a true acoustic player where we have done everything to preserve the acoustic tone both plugged and unplugged. The Virtuo is very much aimed as an amplified acoustic guitar where its design and construction have been focused on making the best plugged in experience for both stage and studio.

The pickup configuration gives an incredible array of tonal options that Studio guys that have been road testing it have been getting really excited about and for a stage performer that jumps between acoustic and electric it is the ultimate versatile tool.

I always wanted to build an electric guitar but with the Virtuo we have achieved that while still staying pure to our acoustic roots.

I hope you will be as excited about this guitar as I am, its something really special.

Covid has changed our lives in many ways but for me it has been a creative shot in the arm. I hope you will enjoy the results.

Oh and for those disappointed its not a Hyvibe guitar perhaps you should have a look at the 3D builder as we have now made Hyvibe an option across our range.

If you have any questions please leave them here for me and I will check back later if possible.

Thanks for all the support and Inspiration


Is the neck shape different than an X20 neck?
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