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Well I dug out what was left of my needle file set.
Got these back in the late 70's. They were a 10 piece set, they are now a 6 piece set. Guess I lost a few in over 40 years.

Got them out and then placed an order with StewMac.
Good thing I checked my e-mail first as SM had sent me an e-mail for 15% off.
I took that as a sign that it was time to place my order.

Just to be clear, I'm doing a setup on two of my guitars, no new nut from scratch. Not yet anyways.

I'm a tool nerd anyway so I don't mind investing in proper tools.

So I've got a set of gauged nut files on the way along with stuff I needed for another project (my first bridge re-glue).

I'm sure I will most likely have more questions.
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