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Default Northwest Music Shop in Davenport, IA - Review

I told the owner I'd review his store on some music forums, because he's a nice old guy with an interesting store, with among other things, a lot of old sheet music.

First, they've been there 45 years, they specialize in band instruments for high school kids. But they'd a few cheap old acoustic guitars and a banjo or two, but I didn't get a good look at them. The place is like a jumble sale, crammed full of stuff and dimly lit in places.

Now about the sheet music. Lots of boxes and racks full of old sheets, and he said there was more for piano in the basement. There was some interesting guitar sheets, most if not all is out of print. I saw Mel Bay method books from the 50's and some Guitar Recorded Versions stuff from the 80's and 90's. Also, a few neat Christmas guitar songbooks. There wasn't a huge amount of guitar stuff, but all of it was interesting.

What I purchased was 'Improvising Rock Guitar' Volumes 1 and 2, classic tomes from the early 80's, long out of print. Also, 'Sometime Tuesday Morning' by Johnny A, out of print. Also, Chris Proctor's 'Travelogue' by Mel Bay, out of print. Also, a timpani method from the 50's for a buddy. Everything had a big discount, so I got a great deal. It was all in fine condition, too.

So if you like old music stores and exploring, I recommend Northwest Music Shop in Davenport, IA at 1411 Washington St.
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