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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
Man, that sounds incredibly thin to me. He even makes a Les Paul sound like a tele. Got me looking for other examples, because I hope the mic isn't that bright and thin. This one sounds better to me.
I looked briefly for some Neumann demos on you tube, didn't find anything I like, but surely there are some
I agree but suspect it could something else in the chain or mix

I did find this fairly decent demo By SoundPure, of one of the other mics mentioned in this thread , the Schoeps SMC6 amp W/ MK4 Capsule... And I found it really interesting because they recorded through three great mic pre's an A Designs MP2A tube amp (at the start of the Video) then at about 1:50 thru a Great River MP-2NV SS amp then thru an A Designs Pacifica SS amp . Hard to wrong with any of theses pres.
Unfortunately they change guitars on each pre change so the variable of guitar tone is increased, but none the less interesting.

Of course arguably I am a prejudice given my front end is the Schopes CMC6 MK4 and the A Designs MP2A , but to my ear it has a slight edge in depth and presence.
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