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Originally Posted by QBert View Post
Good idea, I can just keep the back end of the mic(s) pointed somewhat towards the window.

You''ll want to experiment with positions, the sound can vary throughout a room. But my intuition in this case (which could easily be wrong, since I have no idea what your room is like) is the opposite. Depending on how close you are, playing while facing a reflective surface means the sound will be projecting out of the guitar and bouncing back at you. Just because the mics are aimed away from the window doesn't mean you won't pick up reflections. It can bounce from the guitar to the window, to the floor, etc. On the other hand, sitting with your back to the window (which yes, means the mics will be pointed toward it), will produce fewer reflections from your guitar to the window. What's behind you often doesn't matter all that much. And the mics will be aimed at your guitar, with both it and you blocking them from directly "seeing" the window. But experiment, even if the window does cause reflections, who knows, you may like it! And if the window is across the room, I doubt it will matter much at all either way.
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