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Originally Posted by QBert View Post
So I'd like to start recording my playing a bit, but I have no idea where to start with equipment. I've got a solid background in engineering and audio so I should have a pretty good head start on figuring out the mixing stage, but I have no clue about mics and I don't know the pro sound card market at all.

I'm looking to record guitar and vocals (the latter not that often), and would like a MIDI input as well. I'd like to keep this in the 'relatively affordable' range, as I'm doing this mostly for fun.

If you guys have any suggestions on what to buy, or links to any good resources, it would be much appreciated.
Don't rule out the iPad. No need for a sound card. There is a revolution occurring right now in DAW's and it is all about migrating to iPad. My iPad will be my DAW hardware for years to come. And I'm a PC guy. I'm no Apple fanboy.
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