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Originally Posted by stephensmat View Post
I'm looking for a piece of music that can be played... (And here's the unusual part)... without any chord changes.

It's to help me practice fingering. I'm taking the approach where I learn to play in slices, chords, then fingering, then chord-change, etc...

It doesn't have to be anything serious. Write it yourself if you like, just a piece where you can forget what you're left hand is doing for a bit, leaving you to focus on plucking the right strings.

Minor chords are preferable but not required.

It's a bizarre request, requiring people who know what they're talking about, love talking about it, and don't mind the fact that they're surrounded by people who are new at this.

So obviously, I'm asking the right people.
Hi stephen...
How about the opening phrase to Pete Huttlinger's Darcy's Guitar. It centers around the same chord for the first three changes...

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