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Originally Posted by Denis View Post
I love Little Martha too! Great tune. I first heard it in Leo Kottke's Home & Away video. Then I bought Eat a Peach!! Love the Allman Bros. I do Big Yellow Taxi as well but in Open D it's either too high or too low for me. I like it in open G. Open D is good blues to be sure and maybe the Black Crowes, She Talks to Angels? What I love about open D is that when you bring the F# back up to G, you get DADGAD...Love alternate tunings in general.

Here's my Little Martha:
I started that thread in 2005. I have learnt a couple of open d songs in the last three and a half years: Echoing Gilewitz, Das Loch in der Banane and a couple of Kottke pieces.
Denis, tune the F# down half a step to F and you have open d minor tuning. You'll be able to play some really haunting stuff.
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