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Default Just ordered my first harp guitar. Am I the first Timberline Parlor T30HGpc owner?

Hey everyone here in this little corner of AGF!

I just ordered my first harp guitar! I might go out on a limb and say I'm the first if not one of the first consumers own the new Timberline Parlor T30HGpc. They're officially going on sale November 1, but one of the YouTube channels promoting this got one and subsequently put it up for sale.

Due to physical limitations, parlor/smaller bodied guitars are somewhat of a must for me. I hope this "fits" nicely.

This is my first harp guitar. I've been quite enamored with them for a little while now. Any good resources to get started?

I'm specifically wondering about tunings, especially with the short scale and string gauges that come on this smaller instrument.

Looking forward to this new world!
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